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  • What is the Bootstrap First Incubator?
    Bootstrap First is a three stage incubator program. In stage one, founders will go through a business model design bootcamp to see if their business idea is feasible, if they learn that they have a viable business model they will go on to stage two, where they do problem and demand discovery with their target customer segment, if they learn that there is demand for their solution and that the problems they are solving are issues their target customer segment actually experiences, they will move on to the final stage of the program; mvp design, early adopter acquisition, and launching with paying clients and customers.
  • What date does Cohort #2 begin and end?
    The Bootstrap First Incubator second Cohort will begin on October 8 and will end the week of January 20th.
  • What stage does my business need to be at to participate?
    The Bootstrap First incubator is ideal for (1) idea-stage founders who have a business idea but have never started a business before, (2) those who are at the very beginning of their business journey but do not know what to do next, and (3) those have been building their business for 1-2 years and have not found product-market fit yet.
  • What quantifiable results should my business expect by participating
    The Bootstrap first incubator will leave your company with measurable and tangible outcomes in each of it’s three stages. At the end of stage one, you will have a business model and will know if that business model is financially feasible or not. At the end of stage two, after doing a minimum of 20 discovery interviews, you will know if there is market demand for your solution and if the problem your solving is an issue your target market actually experiences, if you successfully validate your idea and there is demand for it, you will have a roster of potential customers as well. At the end of stage three, you will have a minimum viable prototype and your very first customer(s).
  • Does the Bootstrap First Incubator take equity in my company?
    The Bootstrap First Incubator takes 2% equity in your company.
  • How long does it take to go from idea-stage to product launch
    In totality, it will take 100 days to go through the three stages of the Bootstrap First incubator. Stage one: Business Model Development (30 days) Stage two: Problem and Demand Discovery Cycle (40 days) Stage Three: Solution Design and Product Launch (30 days)
  • Are there any costs associated with participating
    The participation costs are as follows Team of one: $700 Team of two : $1200 Team of three: $1725 ($575 per person)
  • Why does it say “powered by DealNest?” at the bottom of the website?
    DealNest is the parent company that owns and operates the Bootstrap First incubator. In the near future, DealNest will be creating a product for local investors that enhances the quality of their deal flow by connecting them with graduates of the Bootstrap First incubator that have significant amounts of traction.
  • The images on your website are so cool, who does the Graphic Design for Bootstrap First?
    Liz Montague
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